Monday, July 14, 2008

Swansea museum exhibition- July/August 2008

Last Friday morning a group of us met up at Swansea museum - before diving into Morgans for lunch! It was the first time I had seen the exhibition, and given the limitations of the space, I think an excellent job has been done in the circumstances.

(From left to right): Pamela Hamer, (ex-patient) Valerie Brent ( ex-nurse), Ann shaw ( ex-patient), Valerie Filby and Roy Harry ( ex patient), Mr Hamer (husband) and Malcolm Shaw ( husband)

Roy Harry takes a close look at some of the exhibits in the glass case which include Auntie Maggie's photos and the original letter from Dr Williams giving the departure date for Marlene Hopkins from Craig-y-nos. Marlene now lives in California and she also sent a photo of herself with her American family.

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