Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Craig-y-nos and the BBC "One Show"

Great excitement in the valleys!

The very popular  BBC"One Show" will be filming a group of ex -patients next week in Craig-y-nos
bringing together a number to talk about their childhood experiences of living for years in this sanatorium.

Watch this space...


Andrew K Fletcher said...

I was truly shocked by the article about UK TB sanatoriums. Hearing about the barbaric procedures and plaster bed confinement was like something from the dark ages of medicine.

My wife's mother spent time in one of these places, we are not sure which one but will try to find out more. her name was Alice Tibbits, and married name Locke. she is no longer with us and as far as I am aware she never spoke of her stay in what must have been a dreadful place for a child.

Andrew K Fletcher said...
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