Monday, July 02, 2007

Dr Margaret Huppert

Ever wondered about Dr Huppert’s background?

Well, Dr Carole Reeves did a search in the medical records and this is what she found:

“I don't know exactly when she came to Britain but she was temporarily
registered in 1942. This was the first year of temporary registration for
wartime refugee doctors. Her name is listed as Margaret Pauline Huppert, 148
Goldhurst Terrace, London NW6. She was still living there in 1945. She
remains on the temporary register until 1948 but with no address details
(none of the temporarily registered doctors had address details).

I don't know when she went to Craig-y-nos but the first listing is in 1949, when she
is listed as Assistant Medical Officer, Adelina Patti Hospital, Penycae,
Swansea, Glamorgan.
The 1950 directory gives more information. Prior to her appointment at Craig-y-nos, she was Resident Medical Officer at Prestwood
Sanatorium, near Stourbridge, West Midlands, and then Resident Medical
Officer at North Wales Sanatorium, near Denbigh.
She qualified MD in Vienna in 1923.

She remains listed at the Adelina Patti Hospital until 1965, when her
address is Gosfield Hall, Halstead, Essex.
Gosfield Hall now advertises
itself as a wedding venue:
but it could have been a retirement home in the 1960s.

She doesn't appear in the Medical Directory for 1970, and usually this
signifies death. However, I found a two-page article written by her in
History of Medicine, a short-lived non-academic quarterly of the 1970s
circulated to doctors. It appeared in a 1973 edition and was entitled
'Italian women doctors in the Middle Ages'.

Was she married by any chance or
had she been married?"

Married? highly unlikely!

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