Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pen-friends - 1950

Jean Parker

Most of us were in Craig-y-nos for years, not months, so how did we pass the time?

There is no simple answer because it depended on the year ( before the introduction of drugs, or after), your age, how ill you were, the regime of your ward and whether you were inside or out on one of the balconies.


As a 10 year old inside Ward 2 confined to strict bed rest with my bed tipped up on 12 inch blocks and forced to lie on one side, with a pillow wedged down my back incase I should accidentally turn over, I was only allowed to read and write.

Unknown, London

I could feed myself but not wash myself.
So what did I do? Well, I had pen friends. These are some of their photos from my album.

June, from Dundee
Years later as a teenager on the balcony I had a very different experience.

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