Thursday, July 26, 2007

Putting history together: like a jigsaw puzzle.

Len Ley, the local historian, rang me to talk about the book he is writing on the history of Craig-y-nos Castle. We discuss the fact that we have to rely so much on anecdotal evidence and this is often contradictory. He believed Adelina Patti's boudoir , the "Six Bedder", was used by teenagers girls.
Not so, I tell him, this was only in the last couple of years . However, the women who have told him this were themselves there as teenagers in the late 1950's.

Neither of us know what Ward 2 was used for in the days of Adelina Patti. We suspect it was for guests bedrooms, after all she liked to entertain on a lavish style, but we have no proof of this.

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