Monday, April 21, 2008

Christine Bennet and the Girl Guides

Christine Bennett ( 1st on the left, back row with the flag) with member of the 1st Craig-y-nos( Adelina Patti Hospital) Company.

Nurse Glenys Davies remembers an incident with Christine and the Girl Guide flag:

One of the hospital secretaries – she again was an ex-patient – Ina Hopkins, same as Euryl (another medical secretary who was an ex-patient) came on the staff and she took the Guides (Ina was the captain of the Guide group). They were able eventually to go out amongst the local people and they had their flag blessed in the Abercrave church.

Christine Bennett was a Guide and I always remember that she was carrying the standard and Sister Morgan was always worried about the clock outside the door. ‘Watch that clock, watch that clock!’
Poor Christine was so worked up and down it comes, oh dear, dear. The end of the world! It was only a clock anyway."

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