Monday, April 14, 2008

Pen-friends in Craig-y-nos - Pat and Norma

Pat Hybert ( nee Mogridge) in the "Six-Bedder", 1953

Children in Ward 2 used to write letters to the young women in the “Six-Bedder”, just along the corridor.
They were not allowed to meet up, or even see each other, because of the risk of infection so notes used to pass between these two wards.

Pat Hybert ( nee Mogridge) recalls those days in 1953
“The children used to write letters to us in the Six-Bedder ward. They sort of befriended us.
Yes, everybody had a pen pal.
We couldn’t go in and see, and I remember my husband (as he later became) used to creep round the door to go in and see Norma , the child who used to write to me. And I often think of that. I wonder what happened to her.”

Norma Pearce with Jean Shakeshaft
Well, half a century on Norma Pearce has contacted me in Scotland and I have put them in touch with each other.
So, lets hope this is a story with a happy ending.

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