Thursday, August 07, 2008

Byron Sambrook- more information

A further email from Byron Sambrook:

One winters night we were all woken up by a unholy row only
to be told in the morning that a fox had killed the swan, or swans,
and all that was left was a load of feathers.

On another occasion we dared a boy to go down to the bridge over
the river and when he got there he had to flash a torch to let us
know he was there. He climbed down the pillar of the balcony (there
was no stairway) and ran down all the way and a light flashed, he
came back, climbed up onto the balcony, all for a bar of Cadbury's

There was a large search the following morning as the
light had been seen and reported and poachers were suspected.

I don't remember being restrained for misbehaving but something
happened to me which i still remember, that was having my toenails
cut by a Nurse Davies and they were cut so short that my three middle
toes on both feet bled quite profusely and to this day I have a
double nail on each of these toes.

The boy who moved to Highland Moors with me was a David Schickle
from Maesteg. I met him about twenty years later while we both
worked at steel company of Wales.

At 77 years I am lucky inspite of a lobectomy on my left lung, TB
scaring on my right lung, TB spine, 2 hernias, high blood
pressure,angina and dupretons contractions on both hands.

My wife and I celebrated our Golden Wedding two years ago with a
cruise . We have two fine boys the eldest has been working in
Shanghai these past 5 years and is now in Muscat with his family.
My other son is also married with one daughter and has his own business."

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