Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Carole Hughes (nee Davies)-visit to exhibition

Carole, age 5, Craig-y-nos 1951-54

Carole Hughes has just sent me this email:
"On Saturday August 9th I went to Swansea museum to the exhibition I did enjoy it even though it rained so heavy outside. I met nurse Valerie Brent that was so lovely and I spoke to her.
There were a few visitors there. They were emotional seeing how we were and they all wanted to put their arms around me which was a big change from the time we had TB .

I was the first of the old patients to go back to Craig y nos in 2004 I went there twice and could not face going there again but I will be there for the launch of the book."

It was Carole who first suggested to me that I should write a book about Craig-y-nos, something I put off for over a year until a return visit finally spurred me on when I discovered that there was nothing, absolutely nothing, known about the time it was a children's TB sanatorium.

(N.B. Carole was also in Sully.)

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Sarah Handley said...

Dear Ann. Thank you for your support of Target TB. I'm delighted that you heard the R4 appeal, we had a fantastic response. Your research into Craig-y-nos looks extremely interesting and has clearly demonstrated great interest. Do contact me here at Target TB if you would like any further info on us. With best wishes, Sarah.