Friday, August 08, 2008

Highland Moors TB sanatorium

Highland Moors

Dr Carole Reeves writes:
A number of boys including Clive Rowlands and Haydn Beynon were sent to Highland Moors, at Llandrindod Wells, after their stay in Craig-y-nos, but couldn’t recall many of the details other than having a much better time with more activities. I managed to find some information on Highland Moors from various files in the National Library of Wales, including a publicity brochure produced by the Welsh National Memorial Association in about 1932.

Highland Moors was a private hotel in 28 acres of ground, which was sold at auction on 31 July 1931 and purchased by the Association. It housed sixty boys and staff, and was intended for the treatment of boys with TB of the lungs and bones who did not have active disease (in other words, they weren’t infectious) or who were convalescent. The institution consisted of a large central building which provided administrative and staff quarters and sleeping accommodation for the boys. A school and gym were in a separate building. The Association may have purchased additional land because the brochure mentions the grounds being sixty acres, which offered ample scope for recreation and for possible future developments.

Highland Moors is now a guesthouse which describes itself as a ‘former Victorian hydro spa hotel’
HighlandMoors – no mention of its use as a TB sanatorium. Perhaps someone would like to give a history lesson to its current owners.


David said...

I was banged up in Highland Moors from some time in 1944 to 1944 (VE day +14 or so). Among those I remember ar Bruce Griffiths (Welsh Dictionary compiler), and a friend whom I briefly met at RAF Yatesbury many years later. I appeared to be the only welsh speaker there until a chap from Caernarfon appeared, who could not speak a word of english, wherupon I became his official interpreter. As my father was serving in N,Africa and Italy,and travelling from Blaenau Ffestiniog was difficult in waretime, I only received one lot of visitors in nine months, There now, times were indeed hard.

David said...
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