Monday, January 08, 2007

Craig-y-nos School journal

My friend "Carver" and myself , 1953 in the grounds of Craig-y-nos. We were allowed out from 2-4pm once we were judged well enough.

Have just been in touch with the archivist from Llandridod Wells. She tells me they have the school journal from Craig-y-nos from 1947 to 1972. That is amazing! Have added it to my my research list for when I visit Wales later this month - January 20th.

The only lessons I remember, given my Miss White, were scripture, singing and hygiene. But there must have been others...

Miss White told us not to stick pins in our hands because they would let the germs in. I asked how many legs the germs had and received a slap in the face. My friend "Carver" said that the picture of germs in her book had more legs than mine and asked if her germs would walk in faster.
She too got a slap in the face.

She told us not to drink milk with flies in it : "even if you pull the flies out first."

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