Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ex-TB patients of Craig-y-nos

This is a list of people I am compiling, mostly children, who were at Craig-y-nos as patients with dates where possible.
This is the only known record of people who were there over a 40 year period and I am trying to fill in this historical gap. If you know of anyone could you e-mail me so that I can add their names? thank-you!
If you have photographs these would be much appreciated.

Ann Shaw ( nee Rumsey) ( 1950-1954); Roy Harry ( 1943- 1947); Horace Batts (1930s); John Price and sister Anne Price (1947);

Marie Jenkins (early 1950's) Gwyneth Davies - doctor (early 1950s), Clive Rowlands (1940s) -rugby star; Peter Llewellyn (1940s)- millionaire businessman;

Carole Hughes (early 1950s); Lynette Jenkins, Somerset (1953-55). Shirley Moore (1956-57), Gleneath;
Pamela Hill , (April 1958-April 1959).

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