Monday, January 08, 2007

UFO's in the Brecon Beacons

I wonder if Miss White noted down in her journal the day we saw a UFO- spaceship- floating down the valley? It happened one sunny morning in 1952 (or maybe 1953) about 11 o'clock. It was silent until it came alongside Craig-y-nos then it made a humming noise and disappeared out of sight.
Miss White hurried to call Dr Hubbard but it had gone by the time she arrived.

We used to see these strange objects in the sky at regular intervals- every few months- but after this daytime appearance we never saw them again.

Only learnt recently that the area is notorious for its sightings of UFOs. It is something I have never dared speak about before cause people think you might be a bit weird. I am sure tht there is some scientific explanation for the sightings though I am at a loss to know what they are. Time-travel?

Also, what we saw at Craig-y-nos cannot be dismissed as one child's over excited imagination: at least a dozen children saw it and several adult members of staff too.

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