Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Myfanwy Hoyles

Had a phone call this evening from Myfanwy Hoyles ( now Blatchford). We were in Craig-y-nos together (1952-53) though neither of us can remember each other. We are going to exchange photos to see if that jogs our memories. Myfanwy was in for five months. She remembers the day that Dr Huppert "flung off my vest which my mother had given me to wear under my pjyamas because she thought I was cold out on the balcony. Dr Huppert shouted at me:" Your body has got to breathe ! how can it do that if you cover it up.?"

Myfanwy remembers midnight feasts on the castle roof ( strictly out of bounds). "On one occasion we got caught rowing on the lake. Sister Morgan discovered us and we got the most awful row. Alfie the gardener was called upon to rescue us. After that we were punished and not allowed out and I remember that some of us tried to run away. We found the back road behind the morgue. We hadn't gone far though before we were caught."

"Before going into Craig-y-nos I was very shy, spoilt and a fussy eater. After I came out I would eat anything and I was no longer shy."

Today Myfanwy is married with one son and two grandchildren. She lives in Swansea.

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