Thursday, May 31, 2007

Castle roof (1957)

This story was sent in by Christine Perry (nee Bennett)

As it was Summer holidays and there was no schooling, we decided to see what the view was like from the roof. We knew that the door of the stairs to the roof would be locked, so we went through the window of the toilet of the Childrens' Ward upstairs. We knew that the window next to it would allow us onto the stairs if we could swing over from one window to the next!!

So, we managed to do that and we were up on the roof admiring the view. Not satisfied with that view, we wanted to see the view from the other end of the roof but we were prevented from accessing that end by a small wall. Fortunately, there was a small opening in the wall & we all got through except one. Pat was larger than the rest of us and she managed to get herself stuck!!

By now, the children had split on us & Nurse Glen was calling us. We hid on the roof but Pat, who was stuck fast, was plaintively calling for “Help”. So, we had to reveal ourselves. Nurse Glen gave us a right telling-off &, of course, she was obliged to report the incident to Sister.

In due course, we were up before Dr. Huppert in her office. The punishment for each of us was being confined to bed for a week. We didn't go up there again!!

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