Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Lotte Munson (nee Lewis) -cleaner Craig-y-nos -1950-53

Lotte rings me this morning from Edinburgh.
“I have just been sent this cutting from the South Wales Evening Post about the reunion.”

“I worked in Ward 4 with the small children. I got paid 8 shillings a week. In those days we had to live in . Remember Matron Knox-Thomas? she was Scottish.
"I also worked in the plaster room, the light room and the scullery.
“There was always plenty of food. Lots of porridge and mince and tatties.”

Lotte, now 73 years of age, promises to ring again when she has more time. She has to go to work.

Married with five children she has lived in Scotland for 43 years .

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