Thursday, May 31, 2007

Photographic exhibition and re-union

I am in Hay for the Book Festival and have taken the opportunity today to slip down to Craig-y-nos and to visit the Sleeping Giant Foundation. They have given me all the oral recordings they have done so far and Cynthia very kindly helped me to find a venue for a photographic exhibition for all the photos I have received from former patients.

The Ystraglynais Miners Welfare Club may not be an obvious venue but we much preferred it to the Pontadarwe Arts Centre which seemed bleak and also had a two year waiting list for those proposals which were accepted. The official in charge of exhibitions was "too busy" to see us which was just as well because it saved me from the embarrassment of explaining that I found the venue inaccessible and unsuitable though their web site had painted a much more optimistic picture.

In contrast the Welfare club literally welcomed us with open arms and offered us a choice of sites all on the ground floor, unlike the Pontadarew Arts Centre which had a gallery tucked away undere the eaves on the second floor.
And the lift did not work.
Have already approached the Dylan Thomas Arts Centre in Swansea and been turned down.

Checked out some dates with the staff at Craig-y-nos Castle for a reunion of patients this September. More later...

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