Saturday, February 16, 2008

Brecon library: "Children of Craig-y-nos" exhibition

We walked in yesterday and the exhibition was still in the same pristine condition as we left it some two months ago.

Chief librarian Chris Price says the exhibition was very well attended with many ex-patients or their relatives visiting. We were delighted to see that school parties had been in too.

Even people with no connection with Craig-y-nos said they found it fascinating. This is all very encouraging. Roy Harry and his wife Valerie helped to dismantle it and Roy took it away in the back of his Volvo to Swansea museum. There it will remain in storage until July when it will be exhibited again for two months.
We anticipate an even greater degree of interest in Swansea for not only is it a much bigger population area but there is where most of the people who were patients in Craig-y-nos came from.

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