Sunday, February 24, 2008

Delyth Morris

The girl in yesterday's photo between Auntie Maggie and Christine is Delyth Morris.
This information has just arrived on email from Larry Perry, Christine's husband:

"Christine says that this is Delyth Morris from Ystradgynlais. She bumped into her a good few years back in the city centre and they had a chat. She was well, living locally (up the Valley) and married with children.
A nice, quiet, reserved girl.

She came into APH after Christine and went out before her. Same old story-no change there!!!

I have noticed that "Auntie Maggie's" dress uniform is always absolutely-immaculately starched and ironed in all pics of her.

Incidentally, Christine says that the dress she's wearing was her favourite. She really liked the flower pattern and she has no photos of herself with it on so she's pleased that she's seen it again. It brings back fond memories for her. Liking to look nice as a teenager is something she had to develop for herself being there since the age of 12 with no parental influence. Something many girls there must have had to deal with, I suppose. After all, you just couldn't pop into town with your mother to select a dress, could you? "

You are dead right Larry! There was no "popping into town" for a bit of retail therapy. Once inside the castle you did not cross the threshold again for years- four in my case.

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