Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brecon Library-"The fallen picture"

"Have you had any problems with the exhibition?" I ask Janet Holmes, librarian at Brecon Library.

"No, it's been fine, except..."


"Well, every morning when I came in, and I am the first one in, there has been one picture on the floor. Every day."

"In the same position?"

"Yes, there was one morning when the picture was at right angles to where it had fallen off the wall. But still upright."

We joke about the Adelina Patti ghost.

"I have been 'Pattied' ", added Janet laughing.

There must be a scientific explanation though at present we are at a loss to think what that can be.

Er....if you have problems running this video clip you are not alone. It has been "jinxed". Will try and upload it again.

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