Saturday, February 09, 2008

Search for Swansea exhibition space..

Roy Harry...researching exhibition space in Swansea

Thanks to Roy Harry who has been putting in some footwork slogging around Swansea checking out possible venues for the the "Children of Craig-y-nos" exhibition it now looks very promising for later this year.

Dates and places still to be confirmed so it is still under wraps. this space!

Meanwhile we will be in Brecon Library next Friday and Saturday dismantling the exhibition there. Chief librarian Chris Price says it has aroused a great deal of interest in the area.

However, we suspect that once it gets to Swansea the interest will really surge because not only is this a major area of population but it is also the place from where most of the former" Children of Craig-y-nos" live.

Again, another example of how much this story has touched the lives of so many people: Roy spoke to one woman yesterday whose grandmother had starved herelf in order to feed her children. She contacted TB and died in Craig-y-nos.

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