Sunday, May 25, 2008

Barbara Paines 1952-53

I started work when I was sixteen, I did have a few jobs until I found one in a polish factory that suited me. I was quite happy as the bosses were really nice. If I had a bad day they would give me the easy jobs.

I got married when I was twenty one, I had a daughter who was born with no problems. On having my second daughter I found out that I was having a blue baby. Which meant she was born premature and had to have her blood changed. I lost my first son who was also blue and died at birth. I then had two more sons which had the same problem as my second daughter. The last three children all weighed under 5 lbs. They were all christened at birth, my two boys were two months old before they were allowed home. Each of them were given the BCG jab when they were born as a precaution, luckily they were alright.

My sisters first daughter died of TB meningitis when she was four years old. My sister was taken into Sully hospital with her two young boys, so the whole family had to have regular check-ups at Cathedral Road, Cardiff. My youngest daughter then had TB when she was in the juniors age nine, so we were back and forth to the chest clinic yet again.

My father then passed away in 1983 with cancer, my mother moved in with me. She was with me a while until she got her own flat, she then got TB and had to go into hospital for a couple of weeks. My mother passed away then at the age of 88 in 1995.

I enjoy being outdoors, I like gardening and walking even though I am shattered when I get back home.

I also like crochet, knitting, sewing and puzzles as it keeps me occupied. I am still not free of hospitals as I have osteoporosis, so I go for regular infusions and scans.

But I have got good family, friends and neighbours that help me out with jobs that I can’t do on my own.
But you carry on and not give in after all we have all had to fight, otherwise we wouldn't be here to tell our stories.”

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