Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Collective intelligence and collective memories

Rachel Lewis (known as “Ray”) went into Craig-y-nos in 1951.
One of the big advantages of using the internet to write"The Children of Craig-y-nos", a record of the collective memories of children who were in this TB sanatorium, is that the web also allows for the input of other people to.

So I am able to tap into the collective intelligence of the whole community. Take today for example. I have just received a letter from Ann Morris pointing out that the photo I attributed on the web to her mother sitting in a deckchair knitting was not in fact her mother but someone else.

unknown woman knitting on the balcony

I am very grateful to Ann for pointing this out. When you are dealing with a period of photographs taken over 60 years ago it is often very difficult to ascertain the correct names so I do indeed rely on the collective intelligence of those who remember the people who were in Craig-y-nos at the time.

Ray's father, Ivor Thomas, with Staff Nurse Mathews on the left.

Ann has also been able to identify the people in this photograph.

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