Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jean Shakeshaft - 1953

Jean Shakeshaft (left), other girls unknown

Just spoken to Barbara Paines. She decided to trawl through the phone book to see if she could contact any of the girls from Ward 2.

She got through straightaway to the brothers of Rosina Davenport and Jean Shakeshaft, only to be told that they had died. Rosina passed away five years ago in South Africa having suffered from heart problems.

And Jean Shakeshaft died of cancer.
Barbara rang Norma Pearce with the news.

" Norma said she went quite cold " says Barbara. There's a silence. We both feel a shiver going down our spines.

In my imagination the "Children of Craig-y-nos" are forever children running around the grounds of former opera diva Adelina Patti's castle.

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