Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mary Slater (nee Davies)- Hay Festival

Ann ( left) and Caroline in Scotland.
"We live within 15 miles of each other. I don't have a photo of Mary as she is today. She recognized me from my blog" - Ann

Mary Slater (nee Davies left,) Ann Shaw ( nee Rumsey( in bed) and Caroline Boyce (nee Havard)

Standing in the queue at the Hay Festival yesterday a woman next to me says:"Are you Ann Shaw?"


" I was four beds away from you in hospital. I am Mary Slater."

You could have knocked me down with the proverbial feather. I couldn't place the tall distinguished looking woman standing there with anyone from my childhood in Craig-y-nos.

Nows of course when I checked my blog I know instantly. This is the red-haired girl who went on to become a senior manager within the National Health Service.

My apologies Mary!

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