Saturday, August 25, 2007

Alan Richard -1952-53

Alan just rung me. Yesterday he visited Craig-y-nos for the first time since he left 55 years ago. It was a chance visit because he happened to be taking an American relative on a tour of the Welsh valleys and he decided, on the spur of the moment, to call in at Craig-y-nos as they happened to be passing.

The staff gave him my phone number and told him about the Patients Reunion.

He hopes to make it but first he goes to Las Vegas on Monday morning for his 25th wedding anniversary!

Alan was in Craig-y-nos with his two brothers,Brian, age 65 , a retired baker now living in Bournemouth and Idris, age 70, a retired Civil Servant.

Says Alan:" Both Idris and myself were bailiffs."

He doesn't remember much about his time in hospital and says his older brothers recall much more.
"What I do remember is the Coronation and pointing my coronation mug at the rainbow and it broke later that day. Its the only thing I am superstitious about!"

He has a photo of himself with tarpaulin on his bed. I can't believe my luck! nobody , but nobody has so far in the 600 plus photos I have received has had a photograph taken of themselves with the tarpaulin.
And to-night Alan rings up from Bargoed and says he's got one!

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