Friday, August 03, 2007

Girls from 1956

Some months ago Beryl Rowlands asked if any of the following had contacted me since they were all in around 1956 to 1957.

Linda Palmer,Christine Bennett,Ann James, Ann Williams (Ann Blocks) Sylvia Peckham, Mary Thomas, Ann Lewis,Teresa O'Leary,Yvonne Kidner, Anna ?, Pat ?, Francis ? from Monmouth, Jean ? Joan, who was deaf and dumb,

They were all there between 1956 and the end of 1957. There was a family there, I can remember 3 or 4 little sisters from the Annexe Ward, they were called the Bud Family. I have a photo of them. ”

Well, apart from Beryl, only Christine Bennett has so far been in touch. Maybe more will come forward at the Reunion on Sunday September 9th at Craig-y-nos Castle.

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