Saturday, August 04, 2007

"Shadows of my past" - Pat ( 1945)

Pat, age 9 years.

Pat was in the Glass Conservatory as a 5 year old in 1945 and today she lives in North Yorkshire. This is a poem she has just written about her memory of her time in Craig-y-nos.

"Shadows of my Past" by Patricia O’Byrne

"We were those children that you speak of today,
But why weren’t we spoken of then?

As each of us languished in beds that were cold
Wondering what tomorrow would bring.

Would we be frightened once more of “that tube”
And would our hands be restrained by a nurse?

Would our mothers be there to calm our fears
And support us in our distress?

No! For our mothers had left us a long time ago,
And no-one had understood why.

And as we fought inner conflicts with a spirit so brave
We had dreams without any good-byes.

We knew nothing of happiness, or of love,
And knew nothing of what really was wrong.

We were lost little souls who had been left so alone
Until that monthly visit came along.

The sanatorium is now no more,
The lucky ones are healed and gone,
But the scars that are left will never be healed
For they’ll just go on and on..."

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