Saturday, August 11, 2007

Early Days- Craig-y-nos

Amongst the remarkable collection of photographs I have just received from Phil Lewis, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire are these two.

One shows a bed maybe two, beds that have been wheeled out into the open for the “fresh air” treatment. It has no date except it is most likely to have been from the early 1920’s.

The second photograph (circa 1880) is titled: Old Craig-y-nos Castle.

It contains the following information:” Built circa 1842-43 by Rice Davies Powell, and sold to Morgan Morgan ( my first cousin 3 times removed ) and he sold to Madame Patti who enlarged it.

Phil Lewis is the son of Sister Margaret Phillips who was responsible, along the the matron at the time, for the conversion of Adelina Patti’s home into a T.B. sanatorium in 1920.

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Alan said...

May I ask if you actually have the photo of old Craig y Nos castle or were you sent a scan?
I would like if possible to use a version on my (completely non-commercial) website set up as a resource for those interested in the Ystradgynlais of old.
Naturally I would give any acknowledgement and link desired.
And... it would be really, really great if a higher quality scan was available (to allow for any restoration required)!
If I come across any photos you might be interested in I will of course forward them to you.
Many thanks.