Monday, August 13, 2007

Beryl Rowlands 1956-57

Beryl Rowlands' email says:

"My mother and I on the balcony in 1957,  Christine Bennet is the girl in the background. Please note the posy of flowers on my cabinet, from our garden at home that day!!!

My mother always brought me flowers usually from our garden, a relatives or a neighbour.  I loved anemones from Swansea market, but there wasn't always money left over for them. 

The journey from home was very long and expensive for my mother, she always brought me little gifts. I now realise it can't have been easy, physically,emotionally or financially for her."

Beryl's Christmas telegram:
"This is a telegram which I received from my father Christmas 1956 when he was on the ship, the British Drummer."

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