Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Brian Jones - hospital staff names

Brian Jones , whose mother worked at Craig-y-nos, has sent me a list of hospital staff names too. He reckons that 62 out of the 83 in the above photo have died. Have not yet cross-checked all the names against the list supplied by Roy and Glenys but hopefully they should be the same.

It would be interesting to know if any of the staff had relatives, or friends, who worked for Adelina Patti. My own, very tenuous connection, was through Ethel Rosate-Lunn, the poetess of the Tawe Valley who was a family friend. She had worked as a domestic for Adelina Patti from 1909 to 1914.

If anyone can add any more information about the people in the above photograph then please either ring me ( 01786) 832287 or email:
or Dr Carole Reeves (02076) 798.135: email:

Front row L-R
Doug Powell, engineer
Mrs Meikle, SEN
Staff Nurse Stella Anthony, née Price
Sister Hodge
Sister Betty Lewis (Phil's aunt)
Miss Sullivan, Deputy Matron
Dr Huppert
Matron Knox-Thomas
Dr Ivor Williams, Medical Superintendent
Sister Powell
Jenkin Evans, Dentist
Sister Gwyneth Lewis
Sister Betty Lewis, née Pugh
Sister Pearl Watkins
Staff Nurse Sheila Price
Patey Taylor, SEN
Edgar Davies, head gardener

2nd row
John Barrows, Y Grithig, engineer
Getta Hibbert, SEN
Joyce Cox, Aux
Mrs Helen Williams, Pwllcoediog Farm, Aux
Glenys Waters, Student
Beatrice Beamish, née Jones (Penwyllt), Student
Nancy Jones, Aux
Gwyneth Jones, Aux
Nancy Perrier
Ina Hopkins, Medical Secretary
Euryl Thomas, née Evans, Medical Secretary
Margaret Williams, Danyrogof Farm, Student
Gladys Samuel, Aux
Mrs Lucy Thomas, Crai Waterworks, Aux
Gladys Jones, Aux
Diane Hughes, Student
Val James, Gwyn Arms/Glanhaffes, Student
Hannah Williams, Aux
Mrs Bates, Penwyllt, Aux
Mr Lake, chef

3rd row
John Heavens, porter
Mrs Mellings, Dom
Elizabeth Gwen Bannister, Dom
Miss Annie May Ellis, Dom
Hilda Lewis (Ken's mother), Dom
Mrs Harvey, Aux
Mrs Jones, Aux
Dolly Jones, Aux
Mrs Turner, Aux
Mrs Margaret Heavens, Domestic Supt
Mrs Pugh, Dom
Marjorie Morris, Dom
Mrs Smith, Dom
Mrs May Morris (Sim's wife), Dom
Maggie Preece, Kitchen
Mrs Bryn Davies, Kitchen
Mrs Marion Williams, Kitchen
Mary Dewenna, Kitchen

4th row
Cliff Bannister, porter
Alwyn James, porter?
John Cashmore, plumber
Mrs Donovan, Dom
Margaret Williams, Aux
Gwen Alexander, Laundry
Mrs Olive Morgan, Dom
Gwen Roberts, Dom
Maggie Thomas, Dom
Mrs Powell (Penycae), Dom
Dilys Gwilym, Dom
Mrs Rodriguez (Gabriel's mother?), Dom
Mrs Edgar Davies, Laundry Head
Miss Emberton, Sewing Mistress
Miss Daniels, Sewing Mistress
Dai Richards, Tafarn-y-Garreg, chauffeur
Jack Walters, painter

Back row
Ken Lewis, stoker
Sid Evans, porter
Arthur Hales, Callwen Farm, gardener
Daniel John Price, Pwll Coediog Farm, gardener
Raymond Rees, painter
E Williams, carpenter
Sim Morris, gardener
Trevor Jones, painter
Gareth Morgan, Pentre Cribarth Farm, porter?
Elwyn Williams, Maesyreglwys Farm, gardener?
Hubert Francis, porter

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