Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Patricia Jones ( nee Morris) late 1940's

Patricia Jones from Neath rang me this morning. She had "googled" Craig-y-nos and she wanted to tell me that she too was there as a very young patient in the late 1940's. She was so small that she remembers very little about it except that her mother gave her a " a beautiful big doll then it vanished".

"They told me I was in a cot but I have no memory of it. Apart from the doll I remember nothing."
Her family moved around a lot because her father worked on farms and he went where there happened to be work. She knows at some stage she was also in Newport House, Almeley near Hereford.
Whether this was directly after Craig-y-nos or she was home for a time and went back in she has no recollection except:" I know I was in both places."

She remembers a little bit about Newport House which she was in during 1952 because it had "no doors, nor windows". It was in fact a stable block converted into a sanatorium.

Looking back on her lost childhood she says:"You block out so many things that happened to you."

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