Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Joan Wotton (nee Thomas) 1950-52

Joan on the balcony of Ward 2

Trawling through my 1,000 plus photos the other day I came across one marked “unknown” in the collection of Mari Friend ( nee Jenkins.)
Could this be Joan Wotton ( nee Thomas)?
I emailed her daughter, Beth.
Back came the following reply.

"Dear Ann,
                 Mum is here and she cannot remember having this photo taken.She thinks it may have been taken at the same time as the group photo of her with the girls.
"Didn't realise I was so good looking" Mum has just said. And she cannot remember Mari Jenkins obviously she was at Craig-Y- Nos at the same time as Mum.It was lovely to see this photo for the first time, thanks' Ann best wishes Joan and Beth."

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