Thursday, January 17, 2008

Children in "restraints"- 1950's

Nurse Glenys Davies with another member of staff and blonde curly haired girl on Ward 2 balcony.


Those children who refused to stay in bed were put into "restraints", a practice that continued right up into the 1950s as these two photos show, taken on the balcony of Ward 2. It was unusual to find this practise on the balcony of Ward 2, most of the accounts we have received come from children either in the boys ward, Glass Conversatory ( babies ward) or the children wards on the top floor (those under ten years of age).

Clive Rowlands, former Rugby star and ex Craig-y-nos patient joked at the opening of the exhibition in the Welfare Hall, Ystrdadgynlais how he had been put into restrainsts for "being naughty". He would have been about 8 years of age at the time.(late 1940's)

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