Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Kathleen Powell - 1920s

The lack of any records from the time that Craig-y-nos was a childrens TB sanatorium remains a source of much regret.

Today I received the following email from Janet Tayler in Worcester:
"I'm so disappointed to find out there are no records of patients at Craig y nos.  My great aunt, Kathleen Powell, from Cwmgwrach, died there during the 1920s.  My grandfather was only young at the time and he hasn't spoken much about his sister.  I can't even find a record of her death.  If I find anything else out from the only other surviving sister sister, or if there are any photos, I will contact you.  ( My grandfather is nearly 90 and his sister is 88)  Kathleen caught TB from visiting a friend who had it.
I've spent many happy hours walking round "Madam Patti's" - the country park, and I've taken my own children there.
Good luck with the book."

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