Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dr Helen Turner, Craig-y-nos -late 1920s/early 1930s

James McNie, son of Dr Turner, emailed this additional information:

"I have discovered that the paintings gifted to my mother was by Claude Marks, the French artist, who painted a lot of coastal scenery in south-west England.
My wife remembers more clearly than I did, that my mother said they were given to her by a relation of the artist, which would make more sense, as the artist died in around 1915 I think. The relation was a patient, possibly.

Someone else has said that the painting is almost certainly part of the Gower Peninsula, and they refer to its typical limestone cliffs.

I wonder what happens to old medical and staff records for a place like Craig-y-nos Castle Sanatorium...

I really don't have a lot more information I could give you about my mother's time at Craig-y-Nos, although she spoke of it fondly and frequently enough almost up to her death at 93.

I came across her TDD (Tuberculosis Diseases Diploma) certificate from Cardiff University a few days ago, which was awarded in 1931.
Apparently she had a particular talent in reading X-rays, to the extent that the Prof. chairing the Viva Committee on radiology, waived the requirement for her to undergo the X-ray interpretation section - she was his student and he assured the rest of the Committee that they would all be wasting their time having her interpret them for them, as he would vouch for her personally - recounting that always gave her great amusement! She had come out with the highest marks in that section of her training in any event."

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