Saturday, March 15, 2008

The train driver with a child in Craig-y-nos- tooting as he passed the castle

Craig-y-nos Castle

Just another reminder of how many families were affected by TB in Wales and how their lives were interwoven with that of Craig-y-nos Castle:

Local historian, Will Davies, author of “Now and Then” an excellent series of books forming a photographic record of the Swansea Valley says:

“My aunt died of TB there before the
sister-in-law died there in 1980 on the cancer ward.”

He added:

“Whilst interviewing an old railwayman (Dai Hopkins of
Cadoxton) in the 1980s he mentioned the child of
another railwayman (Port Talbot) on the TB ward back
in the 1920s I you know, travelling then
was only by train and not too convenient so, whenever
a train passed by above the castle each driver would
toot on his those quiet days it was
easily audible and gave the child so much reassurance
that her parents were thinking of her...I've never
forgotten that poignant recollection.”

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