Friday, March 14, 2008

Pet rabbit on balcony

I have had a request for information relating to an English TB sanatorium which I have passed on to Dr Reeves who may be able to help.

It relates similar experiences to that at Craig-y-nos- even wanting to go back afterwards! In one respect it does differ- Yvonne, then a six year old, was allowed a pet rabbit on the balcony...

" I am not sure if this is the correct hospital, but I was in the Marguerite Hepton Hospital, Thorpe Arch from 1960 - 1961 with Ostiomylitus on the leg, they thought it was TB at the time. I was only 6 years old and my twin sister was only allowed to visit once a month. I am now 54 yrs old and have lost both parents and with very little recollection of the hospital people but |I know it will just take a jog of someone who remembers me to help it along. I am desperate to regain my memories of it all, but I do remember it was a happy time (well almost) I remember the balconies and that at one stage I had a pet rabbit there! and that when I went home eventually, I cried to go back!! I have tried over the last few years to find out if it is still there but to no avail, I do have a silver spoon that was presented to us at the time to celebrate the golden Jubilee (of the hospital) can you help??


Yvonne Farrer Nee Galert"

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