Saturday, March 22, 2008

Patti's chapel from matron's flat to bridal suite!...

Easter is a time for weddings so that means Craig-y-nos Castle is going to be very busy.

The Patti theatre, the only listed private theatre in the country, is used today for the ceremony, with the reception taking place afterwards in the main drawing room - which was Ward 1.

But I wonder how many brides realise that the bridal suite used to be Patti’s private chapel? only a tiny stained glass window is a reminder of its original existence. During Patti’s day fresh flowers were put in there daily, a task once carried out by Ethel Rosate-Lunn, a former maid who later became known as the “poetess of the Tawe valley”.

On Patti’s death she was laid to rest in her private chapel.

After Craig-y-nos was turned into a sanatorium it became matron’s flat.

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