Monday, March 10, 2008

"...on our last cruise"

"Old and young...we are all on our last cruise" ( Robert Louis Stevenson).

I thought of this when the Yorkshireman said to me at dinner the other night as we discussed our fellow travellers.
"You've got to be careful what you say..."
"What do you mean?"

Well...y'know...some people ill. Cancer. This is their last cruise."

I have to admit that I was a bit startled on the first morning when I did a tour of the ship to see so many people who looked distinctly poorly. I put it down to the after effects of a long flight and the sudden exposure to the sun. But after a few days of sunshine everyone looks so much better .

As for the seriously obese and we have lots of them on board, they are in clover with the 24 hour eating and drinking... on arrival you hand over your credit card and you do not have to use money ever again on board ship. Amazing. Not even in the shops.

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