Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Astronomy -1953

I think this is the first ever “stunted photo” that I was involved with, an early premonition maybe of a later life in journalism..

Florence and I shared an interest in astronomy and we decided one day to have a photograph taken of ourselves looking at the sky.

After all we had easy access to our material from our beds on the balcony.

The cardboard box Florence is holding contains all our books and sky maps.

We belonged to an astronomy society, a postal club which we had found in the back of the Childens Newspaper and this club would send us information monthly on what to look out for and they would also send diagrams on how to find the releveant stars and planets.

The cupboard at the end of the verandah is where all our school books were kept though neither Florence nor I had the slighest interest in Miss White’s lessons.
We taught ourselves.

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