Friday, June 08, 2007

Boys on the balcony- 1950

Young boys getting the "fresh air" treatment

Photographs of the boys who were in Craig-y-nos are rare so I was delighted to find several in the latest collection of photos I have received from Mari Friend (nee Jenkins) of Cwmavon.

Mari and I were in Craig-y-nos together.

The photos belonged to her sister Llywella Jenkins, who sadly died a few years ago, so its difficult to put names and dates to them.

Llywella was in Craig-y-nos in Ward 3 on the ground floor which led to the boys balcony.

One boy, standing between the two members of staff, appears to be wearing some white contraption on his head and another, sitting semi- naked on the bed, has what looks like a calliper on his leg.

I wonder where these children are today?

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