Thursday, June 28, 2007

Myfanwy Blatchford (nee Hoyles) -1953

(from left to right) Myfawny, Ann, Mari, Valerie and Sheila. The two small girls in front are unknown.

Caroline (left) with Pat on the balcony of Ward 2

Myfawny Blatchford, age 14,went into Craig-y-nos in 1953 just after the Coronation. She was there for 5 months.

She tells of an eerie experience:

" I have repeated this story to friends and family and you may think its utter rubbish but its true, I tell you its true.

One particular night, after being to the theatre, stands out in my mind.

It was a dreadful day cold, and wet and the windy. When the weather was bad like that they used to put canvas tarpaulins on the bed and tie them on.
I can remember getting into bed and having the tarpaulin put on and there was a little girl, Caroline, in the next bed to me.

She had been brought up from the children's ward where she had been since a baby.

I think she had TB of the spine and she couldn't get on with the other children. She was the boss of the ward because she had been there the longest.

She must have been about 5 or maybe 6 and she had never walked in her life.

I can remember this particular night waking up - and this is the truth-something had woken me, and the canvas on my bed was rising.

I was terrified and the next thing I could see Caroline standing, holding on to the iron bed and looking at me.

I panicked and rang my bell. No nurse came. Nothing. I was absolutely terrified. It was blowing and raining and I went down under and put the blanket over my head and stayed there. I got out later pushed my bell and the nurse came and I said I had been ringing it earlier.
They hadn't heard a thing.

And the following day the specialist came to see little Caroline to arrange for her to have callipers.

It was like a premonition. I saw it before it happened.
It is true. I am not one to exaggerate.”

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