Monday, June 18, 2007

Christine Perry (nee Bennett) 1954-57

Christine has just e-mailed me the following information:

"The young doctor was Dr. Mulhall and he was so handsome that he was worshipped!!
He didn't reside at APH but came down one day a week from Brecon ( probably Talgarth).
He accompanied Dr. Williams & Dr. Huppert on their rounds and had lunch with them.

I've revisited Ward 2 recently, and I reckon that 20 beds was about the number but, you're right, when you say, looking at it now, it seems hard to believe that such a room could hold that number of beds but it did!! The beds must have been small and close together at the time but it couldn't have been significant to us.

(Re Christine's photographic album from Craig-y-nos)
"... before long, you should start to get to see my two albums containing three and a half years worth of a very happy period in my life. "

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