Thursday, June 21, 2007

Christmas carols on hospital radio?

Have had an e-mail from Mary Sutton-Coulson, one of Dr Ivor Williams daughters, who was growing up at Craig-y-nos at the same time as us.

"The young doctor in Sylvia’s album was Dr Mulhall. 

Also my pet badger that Sylvia was holding was called Bonzo and I used to take him out for walks on a lead!! He lived in our stable for a year or more before we managed to persuade him to go back to the wild.

  Regarding Harry Secombe, I definitely remember him doing at least one pantomime in the Adelina Patti theatre and having tea with Matron Knox Thomas whilst sitting on his knee!!

Do any of the patients remember my sister and I singing Christmas carols over the internal radio on Christmas morning?  "

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