Thursday, June 07, 2007

Carol Hughes (nee Davies) 1951-53

Carol, aged 8 years.

I have just received this email from Carol who was in Craig-y-nos for three years from. She went in as a 5 year old.

“I read your blog often  and some of the comments there I can remember like being given  so much milk to drink .
I wont touch milk in anything now.

I  can remember having restrainers on  and being tied to the bed.
I cant remember why.
  I can remember sneaking onto the roof once in all the time I was there 
I look through the photos but I cant remember any of the girls there even though I would have been there the same time.

I still have my certificate from the Queens coronation even though it is falling apart. We had an old black and white TV that day and Nurse Glenys  Davies watched it with us. I always remember her saying when they showed St Davids church in Neath she said :”Look that is where you are from!”

In 1953 I had a letter from my mother on a Thursday. Glenys Davies gave me the letter  and the letter said my mother would be taking me home on the Tuesday. I can always remember that letter.”

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