Thursday, June 05, 2008

Barbara O’Connell (nee Paines): Return to Craig-y-nos - 2008

Craig-y-nos - view from the lake

Today is a very special day for Barbara O'Connell.
She is returning to Craig-y-nos for the first time after 55 years.

She thinks it will be quite emotional and will be taking along a friend for moral support.

Barbara told me about this in a recent letter. She also added:

"There was a rug which patients were allowed to work on, and I really enjoyed doing that. What happened to it? Did it get finished?

I also remember the box with the picture slides, we used to be able to look at it, don't ask me what the pictures were of but they did pass the time away when you were a bed patient.

"Looking through the information I've printed off your blog this morning, I notice the dresses we were wearing with the flowers on all look alike. They were made of the same roll of material. Were the hospital property?

Also I can remember going for a walk towads the lake and saw this funny looking bird. I told Edgar about it and he said it was a pelican. Can anyone else remember seeing it? " ( (More likely a heron - Ann.)

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