Saturday, June 21, 2008

The origin of the Craig-y-nos song

Maureen ( " I am known as Mary") Powell from Hay-on-Wye says she composed the original hospital song while she was in Craig-y-nos in 1942 as a 10 year old.

It goes like this:

" I had the scarlet fever
I had it very bad
They wrapped me up in a blanket
And put me in a van
The van was very shaky
I nearly did fall out
And when I reached the hospital
I heard a patient shout

“Mammy, Daddy take me home
from this hospital
I want to be home with you

Here comes the nurse
With a red hot poker
Drops it down
And takes no notice

"Oh" said the patient
"thats too hot!"
"Oh" said the nurse
"I am sure its not!"

They tied you to a cabbage store
And cut me up with a knife and fork."

Mary taught her children , and now her grandchildren, to sing the song.

There is no reference to TB because Mary didn't know until she was grown up that is what she was suffering from. She spent five years in hospital - one in Craig-y-nos and four in Kensington hospital, St Brides.

Her parents took her to Haverfordwest on her first day out and she fainted from shock.

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