Monday, June 16, 2008

Kensington TB hospital, St. Brides, Pemb.coast

Other people stories of TB in childhood are beginning to emerge.

Natasha de Chroustchoff ( whom I knew many years ago in Wales) has just pointed out this web-site to me:

She says in her email:
"Today, a woman arrived here to stay in our holiday cottage for the next 2 weeks, from the Midlands. No sooner had we got talking that she mentioned that her mother (who came from Ebbw Vale or Cwmbran, I forget which) had been sent Kensington Hospital as a child in the 1930's, with a TB knee. It was so far from her home that she saw her family only once in 4 years and that was when amputation of her leg was recommended. Her grandfather refused to give permission and she made a complete recovery!

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