Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Haydn Harris -Craig-y-nos- 1937-38

Haydn Harris shortly after laving Craig-y-nos

I've just come back from the Hay Book Festival to find yet another letter, this time from Haydn Harris, asking where the book:" The Children of Craig-y-nos" can be purchased.

Sorry Haydn but Dr Reeves and I are still working on it. Around 150 people have contacted us and that is an awful lot of interviewing and telephoning to do though only about half that number have gone on to an in-depth interview.

Haydn tells me though that he has written an account of his time in Craig-y-nos for the B.P. Pensioners magazine and it has been published.

Well done!

(Haydn was in Craig-y-nos as a four year old for 11 months in 1936. You can read his account by typing in his name in the "search"section - top left hand corner - of this blog).

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